Wedding Party

Donna Diem Trang

Best Groomswoman

On a dark night, in a driveway far far away, My eyes met with a stranger walking towards a friend’s house that I just left. I only knew of this mysterious sillhouete through the then infant social media world. Yes! it was him, it was the guy that was showing up constantly in my feed! He was @fatboy_ant. He had food in his hands(how I expect him to greet me now) so we quickly exchanged pleasantries and I was on my way home. That was Chapter 1. Fast forward, we quickly made a pack to grow this forever friendship.  Even with all my quirkiness, somehow our friendship blossomed with our common interests in snail mail, religious beliefs, car culture, The Weeknd playlist, and most importantly boba tea. We LOVE “doing it for the ‘Gram.” When we aren’t attempting to meet up to work out together, Donna can be found at home with her fish, cat, and dog (pun intended).

Diana Pham


Ant and Diana’s friendship began in Va, back in 2013, when he frequented Sweetwater, where Diana worked. A series of run-ins later Diana invited Ant to do a road trip with her to San Diego. The road trip never happened, but they kept in touch sharing a love for travel, music and coffee. Over the years they’ve explored the romance of Paris, the beaches in SoCal and the wonders in the PNW. Distance is nothing when it comes to their friendship. “I don’t know any other person with a heart like his; he’s always willing to listen without judgement, help without hesitation, and love without boundaries. I’m honored to be standing by his side as he begins this next chapter in his life.” Diana works for Alaska Airlines and is based in Seattle, WA.

Deanna Doan


Adventurer. Aesthete. Animal Lover. And Aesop hand soap obsessed. Deanna is an avid traveler with a passion for exploring new places, including most recently, surf camp on the beaches of Portugal. Deanna has always believed in living in the now and making the most of her free time to try almost any new activity. When Deanna is not researching a new adventure spot she’s at home in D.C. working for a government contractor, and checking out any new delicious restaurants.  Deanna and Anthony has been friends since the first day of highschool.

Bae Chu


Anthony and I met many harvest moons ago. Even though our paths crossed on numerous occasions, our story really began 12 years ago when we vacationed at a friend's house in Rehoboth Beach. Needless to say, our friendship blossomed through the years and he has become one of my closest friends.
There are few people in this life that you would do anything for, and Anthony is certainly one of those people on my list. If we had one collect call from jail, we know that we could certainly count on the other person to bail us out. In our happiest and saddest moments, we shared tears and laughter together. Even with Anthony's busy career-driven restaurant life, he somehow always made time for the small trivial things that meant the world to me like helping me move more than once, anniversaries, 100 day birth celebrations, my girl's birthday parties, and many more events.
We've shared many great meals, countless birthdays together, and have traveled to each other near and far, but one of the greatest moments that I'll certainly be able to take joy in sharing with Anthony is when he declares his love to Christine. 

Vicky Nguyen


Vicky is Anthony’s favorite cousin. They grew up and went to school together in Arlington, VA and remained close over the years despite how far they may have lived from each other. They’ve supported each other through their ups and downs and know the other person is just a phone call away. Whether it’s making bets in Atlantic City, teaching Vicky how drive a stick shift car, or having a lazy beach day in Charleston, they always have fun together. Vicky is glad to be back on the east coast and able to see Anthony and Christine more often.  Vicky is happily married to Paul and they are now living in Mount Pleasant, SC. She works as breast radiologist.

Mimi Phan


I met Ant through our good friend Caroline at a dinner party late spring of 2014. It didn’t take very long for me to realize how talented, thoughtful & genuine he was when I saw him generously cook for both friends and strangers alike. We bonded over our love of food, travels, coffee, and wine. We even created our own cooking club, which in truth was mainly Ant cooking and me as the bar-keep / wanna be mixologist. We have celebrated our love of food with good company over Friendsgivings, bbq & potlucks, birthday parties, random outings, and even all the way to Hawaii. Ant is the definition of “good friends, good food and good times”! 

Joanna Bonilla


Anthony and I met about 10yrs ago. From the moment I met him I knew it was a friendship that would last a lifetime. So many memories full of laughters and life lessons. He always seems to know when I need a keep me up, he is simply AMAZING. 
Since the day Anthony met Christine, he is becoming the BEST version of himself. I am honored that he is allowing me be part of his special day. 
Petra Kern